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  • Sapphire Infused Non-Stick is T-fal’s Best Non-Stick Ever! It Lasts 20 Times Longer Than Copper Non-Stick Pans!
  • No Added Fat Needed!
  • Always Start Cooking at the Perfect Temperature!
  • Safe for Metal Utensils!
  • Built to Last a Lifetime!
"T-fal is the #1 brand of cookware in the U.S. for a reason. They don't make copper gimmicks that are a flash in the pan. This cookware is the real deal and it's built to last."

- Eddie Jackson

Delicious Recipes for Every Meal!
How HEATMASTER Delivers Perfect Results
HEATMASTER's Sapphire Infused Non-Stick Will Stay Non-Stick for Years to Come! 
Sapphire Infused
Reinforced with sapphires, the HEATMASTER surface is super durable and scratch resistant. Unlike other pans it will stay non-stick for years to come.
This patented breakthrough is built into the pan and tells you when the pan is at the ideal temperature to start cooking for perfect results!
Forged from six layers, this induction base guarantees the ultimate in even heat distribution and retention.

Multi-Layer Construction and Stainless Steel Induction Base 
Get Ready To Cook With The Total HEATMASTER System
Plus These 4 Bonus Gifts - Yours Free!
Fry Basket
Do everything from straining pasta, to making evenly cooked, delicious fried chicken! The Fry Basket fits perfectly in your HEATMASTER, so you don’t have to worry about dirtying another pan!
Take the guess work out of deciding if your food is thoroughly cooked with the stainless steel skimmer! Easily drain liquid or extract solid food from your pot - with no mess!
Steamer Plate
Fits seamlessly with your HEATMASTER giving you that perfectly steamed, crunchy vegetable every time!
Recipe Book
Use your HEATMASTER to its full potential - no matter the meal you’re cooking! The Recipe Book will show you how to incorporate the HEATMASTER into your day, with exciting, no-fuss meals everyone will love!

No Chipping or Scratching!
HEATMASTER Will Stay Non-Stick for Years to Come!
Why People Are Loving HEATMASTER
"Cooking for dummies!"

"The Thermospot technology on the HEATMASTER was really helpful. It was kind of like 'Cooking for Dummies' or cooking-by-numbers, because I could just see that the pan was ready to go instead of having to throw something in there like butter garlic and waiting for it to burn. I just knew it was ready to go!" - Blair
"Provides the non-stick for years to come!"

"The sapphire-infused nonstick is all the difference in the world and that's what sets this pan apart from anything else that's on the market. And it will provide the nonstick that you will need for years to come."
- Jeffery

"I love that I don't have to worry about ruining yet another pan!"

"On a lot of the other nonstick type of pans that I've used, it's got a coating on it that scrapes off when you're cooking anything and sometimes it's just going to flake off after several uses, That doesn't happen with the HEATMASTER. With the HEATMASTER, it's all solidly put together. Nothing sticks to it. And I love that I can use metal utensils, and I don't have to worry about ruining yet another pan." - Lisa
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Only 3 Payments of $19.95
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